Who We Are

Who is GEI?

GEI is a global network of organizations and experts supporting developing country governments with strengthening monitoring, evaluation, and the use of evidence in their countries. We focus our support on efforts that are country-owned and aligned with local needs, goals and perspectives.

Evidence gathered from monitoring and evaluation can be a powerful compass for the future - guiding and targeting approaches, identifying problems early on, helping to course correct, and, ultimately, delivering better outcomes. GEI’s integrated systems-based approach moves beyond disconnected interventions. We work to address the dynamic, interconnected real-world context of monitoring, evaluation and evidence use in each country to provide tailored solutions that help governments gather and use data.

Strong monitoring and evaluation functions are key to helping countries meet national and international development goals including the Sustainable Development Goals - and play a critical role in building resilience. This is even more important now, in the post COVID-19 recovery period.

The GEI Network

Partnerships are critical to what the GEI does, and they are central to how the GEI network achieves its objectives.

Our global network includes bilateral and multilateral organizations, evaluation capacity service providers, civil society organizations, academic institutions, associations, and monitoring and evaluation experts.

Our strength is the global, regional, and local expertise that our partners bring to the network and our commitment to a shared vision as GEI. We leverage each other’s expertise and work together to pool resources, identify synergies and amplify the interventions and approaches that are working. The diversity of our network brings many views to the table and helps us deliver support that is informed by global successes but is tailored to specific country needs and contexts.

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The GEI Partnership Council is made up of GEI funding partners.


The Partnership Council is responsible for reviewing and providing inputs to the annual work plan and indicative budget of the Trust Fund; providing strategic guidance on Trust Fund activities; and reviewing, periodically, key performance indicators prepared by the World Bank for Trust Fund performance evaluation. It is convened and chaired by IEG and UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) (co-chair for the inaugural 3 years).