The Global Evaluation Initiative’s “Hands-On” Internship Program

The current supply of skilled Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) professionals - especially in lower income and fragile countries of the world - is insufficient. Investing in building the capacity of a new generation of local evaluators is essential to strengthening developing country monitoring and evaluation ecosystems and creating opportunities for new and diverse voices to enter the field. Young and emerging evaluators (YEEs) bring a fresh perspective on innovation and have the potential to drive change in the M&E field, helping it be more responsive to the many overlapping challenges in today’s world, like climate change, poverty, and food insecurity. Unfortunately, YEEs often face challenges with accessing M&E skills, career development and professional support.

To help address some of the challenges faced by YEEs, GEI has launched an internship program focused on hands-on experience in developing and implementing M&E activities, as well as in planning, designing, implementing, disseminating, and using evaluations. This type of practical experience is particularly important since it can become an entry point into the M&E labor market and can expand YEEs’ professional networks. Through learning by doing, interns interact with seasoned professionals and benefit from their mentorship. This internship experience is intended to help young professionals in the evaluation field gain skills and experiences to position themselves better when entering the job market.

This internship program complements the existing internship, fellowship and mentoring programs offered by the GEI network partners.

The first cohort of interns joined GEI Network partner institutions in late summer 2022. The internship program is designed to last approximately 4-6 months.