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13 November 2023

The Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) is dedicated to strengthening the capabilities of policymakers, evaluators, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) professionals, fostering a deeper understanding of, and proficiency in, conducting and utilizing evaluations within their country contexts and in institutional contexts across the globe.

Three years into its implementation, the GEI aims to learn more about how it could further improve its training offer in evaluation. To better understand the relevance and potential effectiveness of its training offer and to align it more closely with the needs and expectations of its target audiences, the GEI is launching a global survey. The survey covers various topics such as exposure to evaluation training and preferences regarding training content and modalities. The survey also includes an experimental component which is designed to elicit preferences about training programs while minimizing response bias.

The intended audience for this survey are evaluation stakeholders worldwide: those who are involved in the planning, management, implementation, and/or use of evaluations.

Responding to the survey will take approximately 15 minutes. Participation is entirely voluntary, and the survey will not collect any personally identifiable information (please read the informed consent disclaimer below).

The GEI cordially invites evaluation stakeholders to take part in this survey and share the invitation within their professional networks. The comprehensive feedback collected will be instrumental in shaping the future direction of GEI evaluation training and professional development activities.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and the invaluable insights that you will provide through this survey.

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