GEI Implementing Partners Participate in Benin National Evaluation Days

Benin event
29 November 2023

École nationale d'administration publique (ENAP) and the Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Francophone Africa (CLEAR-FA), both GEI Implementing Partners, participated in a panel during the 6th edition of the Benin National Evaluation Days in Cotonou, Benin. They were invited as a direct result of the panel the partners co-hosted during gLOCAL2023, Appui Au Processus De Renforcement Des Systèmes Nationaux Et Des Capacités En Évaluation Dans Les Pays Francophones D’Afrique : Leçons Apprises Et Approches Gagnantes,” which looked at the partners’ experience supporting the strengthening of national evaluation systems and capacities in Francophone African countries and shared their lessons learned and successful approaches.  The gLOCAL event garnered interest from the Benin government, resulting in an invitation for ENAP and CLEAR-FA to host a similar discussion during the Benin National Evaluation Days.

In addition, CLEAR-FA provided financial and advisory support for the Benin National Evaluation Days, with CLEAR-FA coordinator, Dr. Edoé Djimitri Agbodjan, PhD, delivering opening remarks on the event's key theme, "Digital Technology in Service of Strengthening National Evaluation Systems" and participating on several panels. 

The Benin Evaluation Days were held in October 2023, gathering experts to discuss crucial issues in public policy monitoring and evaluation. Organized by the Ministry of Development and coordinated through the General Directorate of Evaluation and the Observatory of Social Change, the event had three key objectives: exploring best practices to promote evaluation in the digital age, sharing experiences on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in impact assessment in Africa, and identifying the roles and actions of government and non-government actors in promoting digital technology for evidence-based policy development.

The event was presided over and opened by the Minister of State in Charge of Development and the Coordination of Government Action, Abdoulaye Bio Tchané.  According to the Minister, "Using evaluation is simultaneously promoting performance in action, capitalizing on relevant information about policies, and engaging citizens in improving public interventions."

The event served as a forum for reflection, knowledge sharing, and the exploration of new approaches to monitoring and evaluation and provided participants with the opportunity to enrich their skills and contribute to the advancement of evaluation practices.

At the conclusion of the event, Dr. Edoé Djimitri AGBODJAN, CLEAR-FA Coordinator, emphasized that "we are all called to take action, whether we are monitoring and evaluation professionals, policymakers, researchers, or civil society actors. We must continue to work together to improve our practices and contribute to a better world."