The Future is in Evidence Dialogue Series

In β€œThe Future is in Evidence dialogue series,” key experts explore how technology, digitization, and innovation are charting new territory for the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning practice. Join the conversation! Topics include the future of MEL, data science, and blockchain.

1. The future of MEL with Dugan Fraser

In this conversation, Dugan looks ahead to the future of MEL. He talks about topics including how data availability, digitization, and technology are reshaping the world, challenges and opportunities for the MEL community to meet new challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the role of entrepreneurs and programs like the GEI Launchpad.

2. Non-traditional data sources and analysis for the MEL with Siobhan Green

Siobhan discusses non-traditional data sources and analysis approaches, possible uses for non-traditional data for the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) field, potential challenges that MEL practitioners may face when using these data sources, and potential starting points for entrepreneurs looking to pilot new data sources and emerging technologies.

3. How blockchain technology can improve the MEL with Michael Cooper

Michael discusses how blockchain technology can be used to improve the MEL field and provide new solutions, aspects of accountability with this technology, and potential entry points for entrepreneurs looking to leverage blockchain technology for MEL.

4. MEL for the Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) field with Sudhi Mukherje

Along with the Launchpad team, Sudhi explores the key features of the ESG field, as well as major challenges and opportunities facing the ESG community. He also shares how lessons learned from the MEL field can be used to inform the emerging ESG community and what opportunities exist for MEL entrepreneurs to engage with ESG.

5. MEL for Impact Investing with Issa Faye Issa

In this episode we discusse the opportunities and challenges MEL professionals may face when engaging with the impact investing space. He also shares insights on how MEL entrepreneurs can leverage these opportunities and what shifts in approach are needed in the MEL community to do so effectively.