“Transforming Evaluation for Equity and Social Justice” – CLEAR AA to Host Africa Evaluation Indaba in November

“Transforming Evaluation for Equity and Social Justice” – CLEAR AA to Host Africa Evaluation Indaba in November
GEI partner CLEAR AA will be hosting the biannual Africa Evaluation Indaba Online Series, November 22 - 24, 2022. This year’s theme is “Transforming Evaluation for Equity and Social Justice.”
19 October 2022

Transformation has been a key feature in the international evaluation discourse and has been pursued and defined in a variety of ways. The lack of literature from the Global South makes the discourse around transformation more complex as it is often dominated by Global North ideas of what ought to be transformed. The Indaba will gather local and international speakers to make a contribution to the transformation discourse from a Global South perspective. It aims to explore transformation in evaluation from its historical context in relation to the Global South and how it may relate to equity and social justice.

The Indaba is the continuation of a long-term conversation and engagement around indigenization of evaluation – creating a platform for M&E practitioners and academics to share experiences, approaches, methods and practices that honor indigenous ways of knowing, methods and approaches fit for the African context.

Indaba sessions will include:

  • The MAE Bellagio Gathering – 10 Years On
  • Strengthening Evidence use in Parliamentary Contexts: Reflections on Emerging Practices and Lessons to Maximize Existing Opportunities
  • Footprint Evaluation and the Climate Crisis in Africa – What Does This Mean For Evaluation In And For Africa?
  • Promoting Gender Mainstreaming in M&E Policies in Africa
  • Evaluation Capacity Development – A Made-in-Africa Evaluation and Decoloniality Lens
  • Efforts Towards Actualizing the MAE Paradigm: MAE Journal Special Issue

For more information, please see the Africa Evaluation Indaba brochure

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