GEI Global Team Supports CARICOM with Strategies to Strengthen M&E Systems at Regional Institutions

GEI Global Team Supports CARICOM with Strategies to Strengthen M&E Systems at Regional Institutions
02 February 2023

As part of ongoing support to the Secretariat of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the GEI Global Team will launch a series of workshops in the next few months to help three CARICOM regional institutions develop five-year roadmaps for strengthening their monitoring, evaluation and evidence use. The roadmaps will focus on concrete actions that will help the institutions  - CARICOM Development FundCARICOM Examination Council and, CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security - generate and use more evidence in decision-making. 

As a result of a Monitoring and Evaluation System Analysis (MESA) conducted within the regional institutions, the GEI team has an in-depth understanding of the state of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) within the three institutions and has identified specific challenges faced by them; this information will serve as input for the workshops. An important objective of the workshops is for each institution to develop a roadmap that presents opportunities to influence planning, budgeting, implementation, and internal M&E functions, as well as promote accountability and learning within the institutions. This roadmap will also specify responsibilities and show the importance of the participation of all relevant stakeholders.

The GEI Global team is working closely with the CARICOM Secretariat and key stakeholders from the regional institutions to develop a learning loop that provides feedback and improves the roadmap development and implementation process. Key staff members from the institutions, who are crucial for the collaboration and need to be vested in the process, will be part of a Steering Committee with clear roles and responsibilities. The Steering Committee will work together during the design and implementation of the roadmaps, with support from the GEI team, as needed.


Photo by David Stanley @Flickr