GEI Associate Partners Pilot Enhanced Gender and Human Rights Lens as part of INCE

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13 March 2023

GEI Associate Partners - UN Women, World Food Programme, and the German Institute for Development Evaluation (DEval) - supported the piloting of an enhanced gender and human rights lens as part of the National Evaluation Capacity Index (INCE). INCE is a diagnostic tool that provides reliable data on the progress of national evaluation systems. The INCE is complementary to the GEI Monitoring and Evaluation Systems Analysis (MESA) tool. INCE data can be used independently, as part of a MESA, or as a basis for further diagnostics. 

The effort on enhanced gender and human rights in INCE was part of the second country-led INCE diagnostic in Mexico and was implemented in collaboration with the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (CONEVAL). The results of the pilot were presented as part of the INCE Annual Meeting held on March 2, 2023, with over 80 participants from a diverse range of national and international institutions, through a dedicated working session on gender and human rights. 

Proposed changes to INCE aimed to enhance the understanding of how gender and human rights are systematically included in evaluation systems through several pathways:  

  • methodological expansion of the INCE’s survey question panel for a more granular picture;  
  • facilitation of spaces for exchange on the topic; and,  
  • provision of complementary tools to deepen the assessment of gender and rights inclusion.  

This work has been accompanied by the recent UN Women publication, “Mapping of the Integration of Gender into National Evaluation Systems in Latin America” (in Spanish), which points to key trends over the last decade and opportunities in this area.