GEI and UNDP-IEO Host Virtual Event on Gender-Responsive and Climate-Informed Evaluation Systems

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Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) and the UNDP Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) host a virtual event to discuss the progress made in strengthening national evaluation systems and to explore what gender-responsive and climate-informed evaluation systems look like.
05 May 2023

The National Evaluation Capacities (NEC) Conference held in Turin, Italy in October 2022 set forth the Turin Agenda, a call to action for strengthening national evaluation systems to generate better evidence to support policies that improve people's lives. Central to this effort is the need to prioritize gender equality, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability. Six months later, the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) and the UNDP Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) hosted a virtual event (NEC+6) on May 3, 2023, to discuss the progress made in strengthening national evaluation systems and to explore what gender- and inclusion-responsive evaluation systems look like as emphasized by the Turin Agenda.

Despite progress toward gender equality, there have been setbacks due to multiple crises in recent years. Many evaluations and evaluation systems only include sex-disaggregated data, and there is a need for truly gender-responsive and inclusive national evaluation systems. The event featured discussions on practical steps that can be taken to foster such systems including strong examples from Costa Rica, the Solomon Islands, and more.

NEC+6 generated meaningful discussions, useful resources, and concrete steps that can be taken to advance the Turin Agenda and strengthen national evaluation systems. 

Watch the recap of the event here:


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To view resources, click on the links below:

NEC Conference and the Turin Agenda  

·        National Evaluation Capacities (NEC) Conference 2022 Proceedings 

·        Turin Agenda (Arabic, French, Spanish

·        Session: “In an era of complexity and uncertainty, can we do without national evaluation systems?” 

·        Session: Environmental Sustainability  

·        Session: Integrating human rights=based, gender-sensitive and feminist approaches in national evaluation systems for transformational change   

Climate-informed evaluation systems  

·        Costa Rica’s national evaluation agenda: Agenda Nacional de Evaluación | Ministerio de Planificación Nacional y Política Económica ( 

·        Evaluación de la Cooperación Internacional No Reembolsableen Biodiversidad y Cambio Climático en Costa Rica 2010-2018  

Gender and inclusion-responsive evaluation systems  

·        Mapeo de la incorporación del enfoque de género en los sistemas nacionales de evaluación de América Latina | Publications | ONU Mujeres – América Latina y el Caribe ( 

·        Powered by Evidence: GEI Newsletter – Special Issue on Gender 

·        GEI Launches New Project with Global Affairs Canada to Mainstream Gender-Transformative Approaches Across Partner Network   



  • Dugan Fraser | Program Manager, GEI
  • Ketevan Nozadze | Operations Officer, Global Evaluation Initiative
  • Alan Fox | Director a.i., UNDP - Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)
  • Silvia Grandi | Deputy Director, Evaluation for Global Affairs Canada: Lessons from Canada 
  • Carolina Zúñiga Zamora | Evaluation Analyst of the National Ministry of Planning and Economic Policy
  • Ketevan Nozadze on behalf of Susan Sulu | Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination, Solomon Islands
  • Martin Limbikani Mwale | Principal Economist, Monitoring and Evaluation Division, Ministry of Economic Planning, Development and Public Sector Reforms, Malawi
  • Patricia Moreno Agudelo, Deputy Director of Evaluation, National Planning Department, Colombia



  • Patrizia Cocca | Communications and KM Lead, GEI
  • Geeta Batra | Chief Evaluator and Deputy Director for evaluation, Independent Evaluation Office of the GEF
  • Megha Pradhan | Director, CLEAR South Asia