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Rethinking Evaluation: Driving Transformative Change

On May 29, the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) launched the 2024 gLOCAL Evaluation Week with a virtual discussion on how evaluation can drive transformative change. The session featured inspiring and heart-warming stories from six female evaluators who shared their personal journeys through the world of evaluation and their perspectives on why and how evaluation should contribute to transformation. The event marks the start of gLOCAL, a global knowledge-sharing event that GEI organizes every year.

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gLOCAL Opening Event


Evaluation and Transformational Change: Balancing Ambition and Realism


This year, gLOCAL's theme will focus on how evaluation can contribute to transformational change in two key ways, by enhancing (policy) stakeholders’ understanding of this process and by providing a platform to advocate for policy solutions that are more likely to contribute to it.


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