gLOCAL participation terms and conditions

By submitting a proposal to host an event during gLOCAL, you agree to the following terms: 

  • Your event will directly relate to monitoring and evaluation (M&E), and be relevant for audiences in the global, regional or a local M&E community. 

  • You agree that registration to your event will be open to the global public with no prerequisites. 

  • In case of changes to your event after your proposal has been accepted, you will liaise with your gLOCAL Secretariat focal point to inform them of the changes as soon as possible, with specific information about how the change will impact registered participants1. 

  • You will use the participant registration through the gLOCAL website and not ask participants/attendees to register with any other platform (i.e., Zoom).  

  • Through the gLOCAL platform, you will provide registered participants with all directions to successfully attend a virtual or in-person event. 

  • You will liaise with and support event speakers to ensure a successful delivery of the event. 

  • After your event ends, within a one-week time limit, you will upload the event proceeding, as well as any relevant materials, to the gLOCAL website, so participants and others can access resources. 

  • You agree to be contacted by the GEI's knowledge and communication team, in case GEI wants to include some of the content developed in your event as a contribution to BetterEvaluation, GEI’s knowledge platform.

  • You agree to the processing of personal data as specified in the GEI Privacy Notice


By accepting your proposal, the gLOCAL Secretariat agrees to 

  • Review and provide feedback to your event proposal to ensure it aligns with gLOCAL quality standards and this year’s theme for gLOCAL. 

  • Provide promotional materials such as social media graphics and other templates for you to use for the dissemination and organization of your event, 

  • Promote the gLOCAL agenda through GEI social media, in coordination with a network of gLOCAL’s convening partners. 

  • Provide organizers with a high-quality platform to manage gLOCAL events, which includes participant registration, easy communication with participants, and the collection and analysis of a post event satisfaction survey. 

  • Disseminate the event proceedings and relevant resources uploaded by organizers to the gLOCAL platform. 

  • Award a certificate of participation to those organizers who successfully deliver their events and upload the proceeding on the gLOCAL platform.