Young and emerging evaluators in the Caribbean. The role and prospects of young evaluators for the future of MEAL in the region.


About the Event

MEAL practices are rapidly emerging in the Caribbean region as a way to promote more effective policymaking in the face of climate change, COVID-19 response, and limited resources. As MEAL grows the need for professionals is also growing and a cadre of young evaluation practitioners starts to develop and becomes more relevant. Existing networks such as CEI and national VOPEs foster this growth and can be strengthened with the collaboration of international networks such as EvalYouth. Young emerging evaluators from the region will present their views on the future of M&E in the Caribbean and discuss the main strengths and challenges they face.


Name Title Biography
Brandon Antoine (to be confirmed) Independent evaluator He is a trained and certified project manager and program evaluator. He served as the Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the St. Lucia Social Development Fund (SSDF). He also specializes in youth and gender development and is a strong human rights activist nationally, regionally, and internationally.
Derniel Oconnor Young Emerging Evaluator CEI Derniel O’Connor is a monitoring and evaluation professional with 7 years experience in designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating multidisciplinary programs. He is currently MEL Specialist at Democracy International (DI) for the USAID Positive Pathways Activity. Derniel has a MSc. in Applied Psychology, UWI, and is MEAL DPro Certifiied
Chere Watson (to be confirmed) Young Emerging Evaluator CEI As Program Evaluator, Interface, California. Chere evaluates the effectiveness of its cross-sectional programming in Justice Services, Human Trafficking, and Family Violence . She is also involved in MEL consulting for grassroots projects in her home country, Jamaica. She has a MA in International Policy and Development and is a member of the, and a board member of EvalYouth North America
Tahirah David Young Emerging Evaluator CEI Tahirah has 10 years experience in HIV/AIDS development programming and holds a B.Sc, an MBA from the University of the West Indies, and a MA in Evaluation from Saarland University. Tahirah is a member of the CEI and is currently involved as an evaluator on a CEI-managed project.


Name Title Biography
Gabriela Rentería EvalYouth Chair TBD

Topics and Themes

Evaluators VOPEs / Evaluation networks Youth Evaluation and transformational change: balancing ambition and realism Evaluation Networks Youth in Evaluation

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