Unpacking Kenya M&E and ESK Institutional Status

Interactive and Q&A discussions

About the Event

The proposed event is targeted at the ESK membership, including from its Young and Emerging Evaluators’ EvalVijana Chapter. It aligns to the ESK Strategic Plan Key Results Area (KRA) 2’s focus on “enhanced capacities and professionalization”. The objective under that is by multi-stakeholder approach to promote the capacity, quality, credibility and independence of evaluation practice in the country.

In this regard, an awareness creation fully online event on the Society’s current institutional status (including its largely voluntary operations and associated limitations) and the national M&E context is planned. That taking into account the need for the Society to move forward with common understanding and unity of purpose in spearheading the national M&E professionalization journey. Significantly, building upon the gains of the Practice’s national formal journey launch, which ESK spearheaded last year (with support from MED/Unicef).

Other key highlights will be on how the Society may add more individual/institutional national professional relevance, through multi-stakeholder support of its memberships’ professional development and their contribution towards harnessing existing developmental opportunities and redressing of the prevailing national challenges by their evaluation work. That while taking into account the integration of the issues of social/gender and climate change towards poverty alleviation. Also borrowing from long-established professions’ networks’ experiences, such as those of law/accounts/medicine.


Name Title Biography
Dr. Moses Oyagi ESK Chair NA
Monitoring & Evaluation Directorate (MED) Representative NA NA


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Benjamin Masila ESK Secretary NA

Topics and Themes

Evaluators Students Youth Evaluation and transformational change: balancing ambition and realism Evaluation Networks Gender Responsive Evaluation Governance Public Policy Youth in Evaluation

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