Transforming MEL in the MENA Region: A Participatory Approach to Decolonization

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About the Event

Objective: This webinar seeks to illustrate the transformative role of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) in fostering project success and meaningful community engagement across the MENA region. Through interactive discussions and sharing of real-world examples, we aim to offer practical guidance on the implementation of decolonizing strategies within MEL practices.

Key Features:
• Interactive learning experience: This session goes beyond passive lectures. We've designed a highly participative format with live Q&A sessions. Ask questions and gain a deeper understanding of the materials and steps that will help the audience to apply what they have learned.
• Interactive Format: The webinar is designed to be highly participative, with Q&A sessions, enabling attendees to engage directly with the content and speakers, enriching the learning experience.

• Real-World Examples and actionable insights: Forget generic advice! We'll use concrete examples from the MENA region to showcase successful applications of MEL strategies. This focus ensures the insights you gain are directly applicable to your context, grounded in the realities of the region.

• Comprehensive Coverage: The webinar will cover a range of key topics& themes:
• Collaborative Team Dynamics: Discover our unique methodology that integrates field-based MEL experts with the communities they serve. This collaborative approach ensures diverse viewpoints are considered throughout every project, aligning with our core values of integrity, professionalism, and inclusivity.
• Shifting Perspectives: Discussion on the importance of process-oriented perspectives over outcome-centric views, emphasizing culturally sensitive approaches that empower local entities and foster autonomy.
• Approaches to Data Collection: Examination of participatory data collection methods including the Most Significant Change (MSC), Outcome Mapping (OM) and Outcome Harvesting (OH) that reinforce community bonds and respect local perspectives.
• Strategies for Dissemination: Learn how we transform complex data into actionable insights through accessible and impactful communication strategies.
• Utilizing Evaluation for Improvement: Discover how feedback and evaluation outcomes inform continuous improvement of our strategies and program design, ultimately empowering local communities.
Target Audience: The webinar is tailored for MEL professionals, community development practitioners, civil society organizations and those interested in innovative, decolonized approaches to international development work.
Value Proposition: Attendees will gain an understanding of how decolonizing MEL practices can lead to more successful and inclusive project outcomes. The session promises to not only share knowledge but also to foster an environment where attendees can actively contribute, discuss, and learn from real-life implementations of discussed strategies.
This proposal outlines a session that promises to be both informative and interactive, offering attendees a blend of theoretical insights and practical, actionable strategies rooted in the experiences of MEL initiatives in the MENA region.


Name Title Biography
Khaldun Kobba Senior Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Specialist Mr. Kobba brings 16 years’ experience in program management and evaluation to his current role as senior MEL Specialist in IRI’s Center for Global Impact, where he has provided technical support on monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) and program design to IRI projects worldwide since 2016.
Mohammad Allahham Senior Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Regional Manager Mohammad Allahham, a Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, with 10 years of experience in evaluating Municipal Governance, Political Parties and Youth and Women’s programming at the international republican institute (IRI)

Topics and Themes

Evaluators Decision makers VOPEs / Evaluation networks Civil Society Culturally Responsive Evaluation Evaluation and transformational change: balancing ambition and realism Governance Participatory/ Community based/ Collaborative Evaluation

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