State of Monitoring and Evaluation in Afghanistan - Challenges and Opportunities

Panel Discussion | Hybrid

About the Event

We will present and discuss the current challenges related to conducting monitoring and evaluation in Afghanistan; and what are some of the remedies in working in fragile and conflict contexts.

Key questions of the session will be:

1. What role can VOPEs and Evaluators play to strengthen the role of monitoring and evaluation in humanitarian contexts?
2. Who are the other actors, and what are they doing (can do) to support Monitoring and Evaluation in Afghanistan?
3. Areas for collaboration and partnerships to support country-led evaluation of SDGs in Afghanistan?


Name Title Biography
Qudratullah Jahid Board Member Monitoring, evaluation, and learning specialist with a strong background in bilateral and multilateral development organisations. Focus areas: MEL frameworks & systems, mixed methods evaluations, third-party monitoring, and evaluation capacity building. Sectoral experience: governance, community development, and agribusiness.
Huda Mustafawi Board Member, AfES Ms Mustafawi is a Monitoring and Evaluation expert in private sector development; she brings unique experience from different national and international organizations. Ms Mustafawi has a bachelor degree in business administration, is a member of European Evaluation Society, and attended different international training in the field of Monitoring, Evaluation and project management. Ms. Mustafawi is an elected member of the board for Afghan Evaluation Society.


Name Title Biography
Samandar Mahmodi Chair, Afghan Evaluation Society (AfES) Mr. Samandar Mahmodi is a program evaluation professional. He is founder and chairman of the Afghan Evaluation Society. Mr. Mahmodi is also co-founder and core group member of EvalYouth Asia and EvalYouth Afghanistan.

Topics and Themes

Evaluators Evaluation Comissioners Decision makers VOPEs / Evaluation networks Academics Civil Society Youth Fragility, Conflict and Violence Participatory/ Community based/ Collaborative Evaluation

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