Redefining collaboration around MEAL. The future of the CARICOM RBM Leadership Group (CRLG)

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About the Event

In a more than ever fast-changing world we should take advantage of all the coordination and collaboration opportunities. Being a community opens spaces for strategic partnerships and shared knowledge. The CRLG presents itself as an ideal space to merge resources, skills, and individual strengths to advance as a community towards better results through evidence-based decision-making. CRLG members and the CARIOM Secretariat will showcase how the group is jointly searching for solutions and how it is envisioned that in the short term, it becomes more active in sharing regional learning and tackling common challenges.


Name Title Biography
Ms Nadine Bushell CRLG representative from IMPACS TBD
Ms Patricia Cummings-Smith CRLG representative from CARPHA TBD
Camille Spencer (to be confirmed) Programme Director, M&E National Transformation Unit (NTU) Trinidad & Tobago TBD


Name Title Biography
Armstrong Alexis Deputy Secretary General CARICOM

Topics and Themes

Decision makers VOPEs / Evaluation networks Civil Servant / Intl. Organization Employee Evaluation and transformational change: balancing ambition and realism Evaluation Networks International Cooperation

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