Opportunities to collaborate and build together: addressing cultural and context differences and similarieties to strengthen collaboration in a regional context

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Latin America and the Caribbean are more than often addressed as a whole, however, aside from similarities, there are differences and multiple contexts within. LAC is composed of 46 countries, but differences can be found even at the subregional level. Acknowledging the differences and taking advantage of similarities, and building upon them will lead to stronger collaboration toward improving lives by promoting evidence-based decision-making in the region. ReLAC, a network of VOPEs in the region, and CEI, the regional VOPE in the Caribbean will share their views on how to work together, share experiences, and strengthen links looking for a bright future of M&E in both Latin America and the Caribbean.


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Celeste Ghiano ReLAC Executive Committee Coordinator She is a Political Scientist, and holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration, with a dissertation about Professionalization in Evaluation in LAC. With more than 15 years as a lecturer and a researcher in political science and public administration –planning and evaluation- in different universities in Argentina and Latin America, and as a public policy trainer in Córdoba Subnational Government, she also coordinates different academic programs since 2015.
Alfredo Domínguez ReLAC Executive Committee Vice-coordinator Mexican evaluator, dedicated to the development of evaluation skills in young and emerging evaluators, as well as in senior evaluators, tireless promoter of the culture with more than ten years of experience as a consultant in Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation in the public sector at the National and Subnational levels, supporting government entities to improve management results, promoting transparency, competitiveness and evaluation.
Valerie Gordon Caribbean Evaluators International President Valerie Gordon is an independent International Development Consultant with over 16 years of experience in M&E. She has over worked in the Caribbean, Africa and the Pacific undertaking multiple monitoring and evaluation activities. She is currently in her second term as President of the CEI
Lennise Baptiste or Nadine Persaud TBD TBD


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Thania de la Garza GEI consultant and independent evaluator

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Evaluators VOPEs / Evaluation networks Other Culturally Responsive Evaluation Evaluation and transformational change: balancing ambition and realism Evaluation Networks

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