Methodology for Conducting Evaluation: In the case of uncertainty

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Evaluation plays a crucial role in conflict-affected regions by providing vital insights into what works, what doesn’t, and what actions can benefit those impacted by conflict and violence. However, conducting evaluations in such contexts requires innovative approaches due to the complexity and fluidity of the situations involved. This entails identifying and reaching affected populations, gathering data in hazardous environments, and navigating issues of fear and mistrust.

Moreover, conducting evaluations in conflict zones necessitates adherence to humanitarian principles, the adoption of a do-no-harm approach, the promotion of ethical practices and protection measures, and a sensitivity to conflict-related issues.

We propose presenting a paper that will delve into the intricacies of conducting evaluations in conflict-affected areas, drawing from experiences in Northern Ethiopia. It will examine conflict as a disruptive force within the broader framework of evaluation
theories and practices, particularly within the realm of strategic evaluations. The paper will explore myriad challenges ranging from the design and implementation of evaluations to the dissemination of findings. Strategies for addressing these challenges will be synthesized and discussed based on insights gleaned from the Northern Ethiopia context.

While the primary focus of the event will be on presenting a paper about conducting evaluations in conflict-affected areas, the event will not be solely limited to this presentation format. Instead, the organizers aim to make the event participatory and insightful by incorporating interactive elements and opportunities for engagement.


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Hilina Yalem & Michael Mathewos Ms. & Mr. Both Hilina & Michael, are Young Emerging Evaluators (YEEs) from Ethiopia. Hilina is a board member and Michael a member in the Ethiopian Evaluation Association (EEvA). They both work in Triple Line Consulting as consultants, and are keen to present the paper they have prepared, during gLocal's evaluation week and discuss on the methodology they applied, during conducting evaluation in conflict affected areas.

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Evaluators Evaluation Comissioners VOPEs / Evaluation networks Civil Society Youth Fragility, Conflict and Violence

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