Maximizing and Measuring Impact of Innovations: Introduction to the Desirability, Feasibility, and Viability (DVF) Assessment Framework and Tool

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The DVF Assessment offers a framework for evaluating the desirability, viability, and feasibility of innovations, essential for sustainable impact. Drawing on GSF's experiences, this session introduces the DVF toolkit as a practical self-assessment tool for evaluating innovations throughout their lifecycle and scaling processes.

We also introduce the Impact at Scale Toolkit - a series of tools, case studies, and guidance for education organisations to navigate their journeys to Impact at Scale. It centres around the DVF Assessment.

Join us to hear how organisations are using the DVF Assessment framework and tool to measure and achieve outcomes at scale, and how they are using the toolkit to bridge their gaps. The session, styled as a panel discussion with GSF Lab participants, will cover the DVF's application in monitoring, evaluation, and scaling, highlighting its benefits in guiding organizations towards impactful and sustainable solutions. It will detail the challenges, uses, and outcomes of the DVF tool based on real examples, thereby providing actionable insights.


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Chirantan Shah CEO, Gyan Shala Chirantan is the CEO of Gyan Shala, one of the pioneers of structured pedagogy in India, with a focus on providing quality education to children from low income groups, at scale, through its community learning centres and in government and low fee private schools, impacting millions of students.
Nancy Gikandi Research and Development Manager, Dignitas Nancy leads the formulation and execution of learning and evaluation frameworks, driving research and development projects. These initiatives provide crucial evidence to inform the strategic development, implementation, and evaluation of programs at Dignitas.
Michael Klutse Senior Learning Manager, Sabre Education Michael is the Senior Learning Manager at Sabre Education, specalising in the design and implementation of Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) Systems including theories of change, logical and results frameworks, evaluation and data collection tools and reporting frameworks.
Ursula Hankinson Senior MEL Manager, Global Schools Forum She leads the measurement of GSF’s work and supports GSF members in designing and implementing their MEL frameworks. She enjoys engaging with members and understanding their programmes and the educational impact they are having. She is passionate about data and evidence used in shaping the sector.


Name Title Biography
Habeeb Kolade Innovation Manager, GSF As Innovation Manager at GSF, Habeeb works with organisations to design, implement, and evaluate using the DVF Framework and tools. He supports organisations on the use of design, technology and co-creation to navigate their journeys to impact at scale while documenting success stories. He has a wealth of experience designing and implementating incubation, acceleration and entrepreneurship programmes.

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Evaluators Decision makers Academics Civil Servant / Intl. Organization Employee Education Evaluation and transformational change: balancing ambition and realism M&E for non traditional audiences

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