Emerging Evaluators - Today's Experience and Connections

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Students and Emerging Evaluators today are entering a fast-paced workplace environment, where expectations of deliverables are high. As a career in evaluation becomes more prominent in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, it is important to reflect on the experiences new evaluators face, and continue to foster the conditions of continuous learning. The Canadian Evaluation Society has developed key strategies which allows for evaluators to flourish in this environment - from their mentoring initiative, further learning opportunities and courses, to an ultimate goal of earning the Credentialed Evaluator designation. We will review the current experience of Emerging Evaluators in Canada and internationally, identifying key strategies and opportunities to keep emerging evaluators further engaged.


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Amanda Ferneyhough Student and Emerging Evaluator Representative As the Youth and Emerging Evaluator Representative on the National Board, Amanda continues to provide opportunities for connection and development for EE's. She continues to advocate for the importance of evaluation in decision making and strategic planning in any organization.

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Evaluators VOPEs / Evaluation networks Students Youth Evaluation and transformational change: balancing ambition and realism Youth in Evaluation

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