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The objective of this session is for participants to experience a range of perspectives on why decolonizing evaluation and evaluation systems is ​essential​ and how this affects their practice - whether they work in ​local, ​national or donor evaluation systems, whether they are commissioning, undertaking or using evaluation evidence. The session explores how a focus on decolonization helps to change power dynamics, increase the likelihood that systems and interventions are relevant to ​and support liberation of ​local people​. It​ reflect​s​ the major changes needed for resilience in the face of ​the ​unfolding polycrisis and ​the need ​to transform evaluation, ​so it goes beyond​ the mental models and priorities of dominant economic and political forces.


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Ian Goldman President, International Evaluation Academy Ian is President of the International Evaluation Academy, an International Advisor on Evaluation/M&E and Evidence Systems, and an Adjunct Professor at the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance, University of Cape Town. He worked in the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, South Africa, where he established and ran the National Evaluation System to 2018 and was a founder of the Twende Mbele African M&E Partnership. Since 2018 Ian has been researching, training and consulting internationally in evidence use and evaluation systems, as well as on M&E for just transition. He advises on M&E with the South African Presidency, Global Evaluation Initiative, CLEAR Anglophone Africa, and Operation Vulindlela in South Africa, and is on the International Evaluation Academy and South African Parliamentary Institute Boards.
Andrealisa Belzer President, Canadian Evaluation Society Andrealisa Belzer is a Credentialed Evaluator employed with the Atlantic Region of Indigenous Services Canada. She serves as National President of the Canadian Evaluation Society. She also participates in the EvalPartners EvalIndigenous Network and the Global Advisory Council for Blue Marble Evaluation. Andrealisa has practiced health and social services evaluation since 1995, in Canada and internationally. She is committed to evaluative and decolonizing practice that facilitates systems transformation toward mutualism.


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Candice Morkel Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR-AA) Director Candice Morkel (PhD) is the Director of the Centre for Learning on Evaluation and Results – Anglophone Africa (CLEAR-AA) and senior lecturer in Monitoring and Evaluation at Wits University. She has over 25 years’ experience in government, academia and the non-profit sector, specialising in development, M&E and public policy. As Director of CLEAR-AA, she works with governments and development partners across the African continent to help build better systems of evidence production and use. She has published peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and edited books on M&E, and supervises local and international Masters and PhD students in evaluation. She is a legacy Board Member of AfrEA, legacy chair of SAMEA and is currently a Board member of the International Evaluation Academy.

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Evaluators Evaluation Comissioners Decision makers Academics Civil Society Evaluation and transformational change: balancing ambition and realism

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