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How and why do Communities of Practice for Evaluators deliver? The case of EvalForward

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About the Event
EvalForward is a Community of Practice on Evaluation for Food Security, Agriculture and Rural Development launched in 2018 by the evaluation offices of FAO, IFAD, WFP and CGIAR, with the purpose to “Improve national capacities in conducting or using evaluations related to agriculture, rural development and food security through the establishment of an international network open to evaluators, development practitioners, policymakers and researchers across national institutions to share evaluative information and knowledge on food security-related interventions”.
Is this aim still valid and what is the added value that EvalForward and Communities of Practice in general bring to the evaluation community?
This event will highlight the novel cross-agency dedicated facilitation model of EvalForward, how peer to peer capacity development strengthens culture and collaboration opportunities within the evaluation community, as well as the role of institutional sponsorship of Communities of Practice in order to deliver global public goods where there would otherwise be gaps.


Carl Jackson | Independent consultant
Carl Jackson has 25 years’ experience focusing on evaluation, learning, and knowledge management in international development. He has experience with CoPs as a designer, facilitator and reviewer and has held senior roles leading evaluations. He has also designed and reviewed knowledge management strategies and capacity development initiatives.


Renata Mirulla Facilitator of EvalForward
Renata facilitates the EvalForward Community of Practice. In this role, she supports knowledge sharing and information exchange among members, summarizing topics discussed and highlighting good practices in evaluation, ensuring updates on events, resources, guidelines that are relevant to evaluation in agriculture, food security and rural development.

Topics and themes

  • Evaluation Capacity Development
  • M&E Approaches and Methods
  • Innovations in M&E
  • The Future of M&E: Culture, Context, and Collaboration

When and Where?

  • June 1, 2023 Duration: 1h 00m
  • Italy
    Europe and Central Asia

Event Proceeding

Please find all the information shared during the event in the link below