Evaluating Quality of Science and Research: New Evaluation Guidelines from CGIAR

Organized by Svetlana Negroustouvea CGIAR Independent Advisory and Evaluation Service

Single Session
| Hybrid
| English
About the Event
Evaluating Quality of Science (QoS) and research is critically important for producing more targeted contributions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In February 2023, IAES launched the beta version of the Evaluation Guidelines on applying the CGIAR QoR4D Framework to Process and Performance Evaluations. These pioneering guidelines provide the framing, criteria, dimensions, and methods for assessing the quality of research for development in CGIAR; with a potential for adaptation by like-minded organizations conducting research for development (R4D). Through this seminar IAES would present the guidelines on CGIAR approaches and entry points to evaluate Quality of Science, for consideration by evaluation practitioners.
Tri-lingual online discussion on ‘How to evaluate science, technology and innovation in a development context?” - on EvalForward COP; see a blog by CGIAR



Topics and themes

  • Evaluation Capacity Development
  • M&E Approaches and Methods
  • Innovations in M&E

When and Where?

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