The Yin and Yang of Data: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Methods

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This webinar will discuss the kinds of information that you can get from qualitative that you might not get from quantitative; how you can use quantitative findings to refine qualitative instruments, and vice versa; using quantitative and qualitative data to investigate linkages in a theory of change.


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Maggie Magee Researcher, Mathematica Maggie Magee, MPH, is a Researcher at Mathematica. She uses qualitative methods in monitoring, evaluation, and research to generate evidence highlighting the needs and perspectives of people impacted by programs and policies to inform decision-making. Her work focuses on maternal health, sexual and reproductive health, and family planning.
Sidra Bashir Program Manager, Analytics Service, CERP Sidra Bashir is a Program Manager for Analytics Service at CERP. She leads the management and execution of large scale health programs with public and private stakeholders. Sidra holds a Master’s degree in Public Health from University of Edinburgh, UK. Her work focuses on maternal and child health, nutrition, sexual and reproductive health and health promotion, planning and policy.

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