CLEAR-LAB Delivers Training-of-Trainers Course for Evaluators in Northeast Brazil

Evaluation practitioners attending a Training-for-Trainers (ToT) course designed and delivered by the Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Lusophone Africa and Brazil (CLEAR-LAB), an implementing partner of the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI).
20 Fevereiro 2024

In September and October of 2023, the Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Lusophone Africa and Brazil (CLEAR-LAB) successfully delivered a novel training program for evaluation practitioners as part of the CLEAR Northeast Program. The “Training Course for Facilitators in Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)” was the first course that CLEAR-LAB designed and implemented using the Training-of-Trainers (ToT) model, a teaching framework that allows young and emerging trainers to learn from their more experienced peers. The training brought together 26 evaluation professionals actively engaged in M&E in the region.

One of the primary goals of the course was to foster collaboration among existing M&E initiatives in Brazil’s Northeast Region. CLEAR-LAB Director André Portela emphasized the importance of this effort: “This region faces a situation with large vulnerable populations. In this context, prioritizing the CLEAR Northeast Program and developing monitoring and evaluation skills becomes imperative, given that enhancements in public policies would result in a more substantial impact.”

The CLEAR Northeast Program is a collaborative effort between CLEAR-LAB, the Federal University of Bahia, and the Data and Knowledge Integration Center of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. This initiative aims to foster the development of a robust M&E culture within state governments and city halls in the Brazilian Northeast. The program operates through a network that involves public administrations, universities, social organizations, and the private sector, all committed to supporting capacity-building activities in M&E in support of public policies and programs.

As an implementing partner of the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI), CLEAR-LAB supports GEI’s mission to build country partnerships and promote knowledge and training to strengthen national M&E systems. The ToT training aimed to support sub-national governments by enhancing their M&E capacities and by fostering connections among various evaluation professionals. It was designed to address the growing demand for evidence-based decision-making in the region.

"To meet this demand, it is necessary to develop capacities in monitoring and evaluation. We need more professionals in evaluation, professionals who will support governments and institutions in generating and using evidence to make the best decisions regarding an initiative or program," explained Priscilla Bacalhau, researcher at CLEAR-LAB and coordinator of the training course.

The first part of the course was delivered online and focused on evidence use, evaluation, and topics related to adult learning. The participants developed skills that can assist them in disseminating knowledge and practices in M&E. The course concluded with an in-person module held at the Federal University of Ceará (UFC) in Fortaleza.

Collaborations with the UFC Department of Applied Economics, particularly through Professor Guilherme Irffi, played a crucial role in promoting the ToT course and engaging participants. “The on-site classes established a network of monitors, comprising technicians and researchers working in monitoring and evaluation,” said Kilvia Mesquita, professor at the UFC and one of the course participants.

“The regional network of M&E professionals formed during the course will remain active. CLEAR-LAB will conduct periodic follow-ups with participants to assess how they are applying the knowledge they gained from the course,” Priscilla Bacalhau affirmed. “Additionally, the connections made among the course participants have the potential to strengthen their individual developments and career advancement.”