Driving Transformational Change through Evaluations: Experiences from the Global South

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In recent years, evaluations have emerged as powerful tool for driving transformational change, particularly in the context of development initiatives in the Global South. This session aims to explore and showcase the diverse experiences, challenges, and successes of evaluation practices in driving meaningful transformation in the Global South. Through presentations and panel discussion, participants will gain insights into innovative evaluation methodologies, strategies for effective implementation, and the role evaluations play as a catalyst for positive change in diverse cultural settings.

This panel discussion will be organized by the BRICS New Development Bank (NDB). Recognizing the catalytic role of infrastructure in development, NDB and other key development partners have played a vital role in bridging the infrastructure financing gap and promoting economic progress in emerging economies. The panel will delve into the experiences of these institutions, drawing insights from both successful and arduous projects, while highlighting best practices and approaches in assessing the development impact of such projects.

Key points of discussion will include:

• Emphasizing the significance of evaluations in driving transformative change in the Global South.
• Sharing tangible experiences and case studies of successful evaluation initiatives conducted by NDB and key development partners across diverse regions of the Global South.
• Delving into the challenges and insights gained from conducting evaluations within varied socio-cultural contexts.
• Exploring innovative methodologies and approaches for conducting evaluations that nurture inclusive and sustainable development.
• Foster dialogue and collaboration among participants to strengthen evaluation capacities and networks in the Global South.

Target Audience: This session is designed for evaluation practitioners, policymakers, development professionals, researchers, and civil society organizations. Participants with an interest in driving meaningful change through evaluations and those seeking to learn from diverse experiences and best practices are encouraged to attend.

Session Format: The session will be conducted online. Presentations, panel discussion, and interactive sessions will be facilitated, with virtual collaboration tools to ensure active engagement and participation from all attendees.

The session will feature speakers from the BRICS Development Bank as well as other development partners from the global south, all of whom possess extensive experience in evaluation.


Evaluadores Comisionados de Evaluación Usuarios de evaluación Responsables de la toma de decisiones VOPEs / Redes de evaluación Medio Académicos Sociedad civil Evaluación culturalmente receptiva Evaluación y cambio transformacional: Equilibrando ambición y realismo Evaluación participativa/ comunitaria/colaborativa

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