East Asia and the Pacific

Explore what past and ongoing activities and projects have been conducted by GEI partners in East Asia and the Pacific.

Evaluation Support in China

CLEAR has delivered rigorous support to evaluations performed by subnational governments in China, such as the Shanghai local government and the Sichuan province. The Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance established a Sichuan Model of performance evaluation for poverty alleviation projects and used this model to conduct 65 project evaluations from 2015 to 2017. In collaboration with officials from this department and local consultants based in Sichuan, CLEAR conducted a study of this model to assess its methods, applications, targets, and guidance; identify strengths and weaknesses; and propose recommendations for improvement. These recommendations included improving questionnaire design and data collection, using appropriate methods, and increasing evaluation awareness, accountability, and the supply of qualified evaluation professionals in third-party evaluation agencies. As a result, the Sichuan Provincial Department committed to strengthening the Sichuan Model by taking advantage of the internet and big-data technologies to improve data collection and by cultivating qualified evaluation professionals, especially in third-party evaluation agencies.  

CLEAR Extension to the Pacific: Samoa 

CLEAR responded to a request from Samoa’s Ministry of Health (MoH) to build an institutional M&E system and strengthen M&E capacity within the MoH. In implementing this project, CLEAR partnered with local health nongovernmental organization Lutia I Puava Ae Mapu to provide an initial diagnostic of the ministry’s M&E practices and identify gaps in the system. The team consulted with MoH representatives, other government stakeholders, and district hospitals to understand the challenges of paper-based information storing, monitoring, and reporting. Health sector professionals participated in an introductory session, “Results-Based Monitoring and Evaluation,” to map M&E gaps and brainstorm ideas to inform an M&E strategy for Samoa’s health sector to ensure evidence-based policy making. The draft institutional M&E strategy was adopted by the MoH and is currently being implemented.  

CLEAR will continue to work with local partners to support M&E strengthening in Samoa. Furthermore, this initial support to one Pacific Island government provides an opportunity for CLEAR to forge new partnerships and extend their activities to other countries in the region. 

Asian Evaluation Week

Recognizing the importance of establishing a platform for M&E knowledge sharing and capacity building within and outside China, CLEAR partnered with China’s Ministry of Finance, the Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank Group to organize the annual Asian Evaluation Week (AEW). In 2019, the fourth edition of the AEW convened more than 260 participants from government, public research institutes, academia, and civil society organizations to share knowledge and experiences on the theme “Quality Evaluation for Better Results: Local, National, and Regional Perspectives.” CLEAR centers presented learnings from building national and subnational evaluation systems in Brazil, China, Ghana, Niger, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda, and Zambia.

Quotes from AEW participants

"I think it is important to have those platforms, because we can learn from success but also with failure of other countries and how to not make it again." 
—Olfa Soukri Cherif, Parliament of Tunisia 

"2019 AEW is a great experience. I have learned a lot of things. We have been connected with so many experts and we hope we can use it better next time we are conducting an evaluation in the country." 
—Sheila Samimi, Asian Development Bank, Afghanistan