Powered by Evidence Podcast


Welcome to Powered by Evidence, a podcast by the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI) with host, Dugan Fraser. At GEI, we believe that the best public policies – the ones that have greatest impact and that improve people’s lives - are powered by evidence. GEI is a global partnership that supports governments and public institutions in finding that evidence – by helping them create robust, country-owned monitoring and evaluation systems. In this podcast, we invite experts from our network – and other special guests - to explore new ideas and revisit challenges still un-solved in implementing monitoring and evaluation programs and systems. We’ll examine failures, reflect on successes, and discuss ways forward. So, whether you are an evaluator, a policymaker, a researcher or just have interest in the value of evidence for your work, we welcome you to this discussion.

Thank you for sharing your time with us. This is our pilot season – we’d like to hear what you think. Please join the conversation - you can find us on Twitter and LinkedIn or leave a comment on the podcast page. And don’t forget to subscribe wherever you listen to your podcasts.