Share M&E Knowledge

GEI shares M&E knowledge globally by making its materials, such as training curricula, tools, frameworks, and lessons-learned notes, available through GEI’s dedicated knowledge platform.

GEI recognizes that global and local knowledge and practices must be equally valued when expanding ECD around the world. Thus, the initiative follows a “gLOCAL” approach, in which both local and global knowledge and innovations are transferred among countries. As part of this work, GEI supports forums such as UNDP’s National Evaluation Capacities Conference and the CLEAR Network’s gLOCAL Evaluation Week to share lessons learned and experiences with M&E practitioners globally. 

GEI’s knowledge-sharing work is done in close coordination with partners such as BetterEvaluation.  

GEI’s knowledge-sharing work includes a broad range of activities:

  • Sharing M&E knowledge globally through its online knowledge database
  • Supporting the coordination and promotion of the annual gLOCAL Evaluation Week, in which organizations worldwide are invited to host M&E knowledge-sharing events
  • Supporting UNDP with its National Evaluation Capacities Conference, a biannual event that brings together key stakeholders to connect, engage, and share about issues that fall within the ethos of good governance, evidence-based decision-making, and better performance management 
  • Facilitating South-South and triangular knowledge exchange and cooperation 
  • Making systematic efforts to share knowledge widely, through seminars, webinars, panels, and roundtables 

To see these activities in action, visit Our Work.