Generate M&E Knowledge

GEI generates M&E knowledge within its network by systematically capturing and sharing knowledge gained from its in-country work. GEI focuses on best practices in developing M&E systems and capacities locally. GEI also contributes to generating knowledge on cross-cutting issues of global interest and importance, such as gender and the environment, among others. 

For M&E to be widely valued within a country, there must be a broad base of knowledge and understanding of M&E and its use in management, including planning, budgeting and, strategic decision-making. By systematically capturing knowledge from its work, GEI and its partners promote widespread access to high-quality M&E knowledge gained from in-country work to enable stakeholders to generate, absorb, and use evidence for accountability, learning, and policy-making.

Contributing to the global M&E knowledge base, GEI produces:

  • Books, guidelines, and tool kits from trainings and M&E support, in the five GEI languages of operation;  
  • Country-knowledge notes that arise from systematically collecting and curating knowledge and lessons learned from country technical assistance work within the GEI network;
  • Targeted technical-knowledge notes resulting from conducting research and (co-)generating knowledge on M&E-related themes, practices, processes, systems, and methods; and 
  • Global public goods knowledge notes, focusing on public good issues relevant for evaluations (for example, gender, “no one left behind” programs, sustainability).

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