GEI Work Featured on American Evaluation Association Website

AEA 365 Blog series
GEI recently participated in the American Evaluation Association's "Tip-a-Day" blog series. GEI’s implementing partners shared lessons learned and tips from the work they are doing around the world.

GEI is proud to be part of the American Evaluation Association’s (AEA) “Tip-a-Day” blog series. Every day this week, a blog written by one of GEI’s implementing partners will be released on the AEA website.  Learn about the important work that GEI partners are doing to support the development of robust monitoring and evaluation systems and increase the use of evidence in public sector decision-making. Each blog shares lessons learned and “hot tips” on topics such as country-level M&E system development, building community among people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, and why collaboration is the keystone to building strong M&E systems. Visit the AEA blog page every day to access the blogs:

Sunday, 9/18/22:          

"Hot Tips on Navigating the Challenges of the Complex Process of Building or Strengthening a Country-Level M&E System” by Edoé Djimitri Agbodjan, Director, Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Francophone Africa (CLEAR FA).

Monday, 9/19/22:          

"Collaboration: The Future of Strengthening National Monitoring and Evaluation Systems” by Candice Morkel, Director, Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results - Anglophone Africa (CLEAR AA).

Tuesday, 9/20/22:          

Best Practice Analysis to Improve M&E Systems in Pakistan” by Myra Imran Rafiq, Muhammad Adnan and Eman Haider from EvalPCA, hosted at the Centre for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP).

Wednesday, 9/21/22:          

Building Community: How IPDET Creates Evaluation Community – Connections that Last” by Laszlo Szentmarjay and Vanessa Krieger from the Independent Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET).

Thursday, 9/22/22:          

Lessons Learned from an Online Mentorship Program on Rapid Evaluation for Teams from Lusophone Africa and Brazil” by Lycia Lima, Gabriela Lacerda and Marina Lafer from the Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Lusophone Africa and Brazil (CLEAR LAB), hosted at the São Paulo School of Economics, from the Getulio Vargas Foundation.

Friday, 9/23/22:          

“Footprint Evaluation Initiative - Incorporating Environmental Sustainability into ALL Evaluations” by Alice Macfarlan, Manager of the BetterEvaluation Knowledge Platform.

Saturday, 9/24/22:          

"Investing in The Next Generation of Local Evaluators: Lessons Learned from CLEAR SA Efforts" by Megha Pradhan, Director, Center for Learning and Evaluation of Results - South Asia (CLEAR South Asia).