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Decline, Mutation or Metamorphosis? Prospects for Indigenous Evaluation

Organisé par | EvalIndigenous in Partnership with EvalForward ,EvalIndigenous and EvalForward

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Participants will learn about:

1) What is Indigenous Evaluation, Why is it important? Who are indigenous evaluators? What is meant by an indigenous evaluation framework and methodology?

2) What is EvalIndigenous? Who is Evalindigenous? Why does it exist and for who? What does it do and how?

3) How well and to what extent do national M&E systems reflect Indigenous Evaluation and involve Indigenous Evaluation communities in their design and operation?

4) What progress has been made by the "Made in Africa" initiative in promoting and featuring Indigenous Evaluation so as to listen to the voices of those most affected by policy interventions?


Fiona Cram | Co-Chair of EvalIndigenous
Fiona Cram is a Māori (indigenous) woman from Aotearoa New Zealand. Her tribal affiliations are to Ngāti Pahauwera on the east coast of Aotearoa. The over-riding theme of Fiona's work is Kaupapa Māori (by Māori, for Māori). Fiona is Editor-in-Chief of the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA) new evaluation journal.
John Tembo Njovu | C0-Founder of EvalIndigenous
John is a Zambian man and was a Chairperson of the Zambian Evaluation Association. He is active mostly in international circles in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation; and brings to global development spaces the marginalised voices of indigenous evaluators and communities.
Florence Etta | Co-Vice Chair of EVALSDGs
Florence Etta is a Nigerian woman and the Co-Vice Chair of EVALSDGs, a global network to support evaluation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. She was previously Chair of the UN Women Global Evaluation Advisory Committee and President of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA). Florence is CEO of GRAIDE International Consultants.


Daniel Ticehurst Independent Monitoring and Evaluation Coach and Mentor
Daniel is based in London and is a proud member of EvalIndigenous and EvalForward. He is a guest lecturer and mentor at the African Leadership Centre, King's College, University of London. Daniel has 30 years experience dedicated to both Monitoring and Evaluation, with 14 of these living in six African countries.


  • National Evaluation Systems
  • The Future of M&E: Culture, Context, and Collaboration

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  • mai 30, 2023 Durée: 1h 00m
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