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Gender Transformative Programming: Evidence-generation and use

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Gender transformative programs work to change the underlying factors that give rise to gender-based discrimination and inequality. By confronting deeply entrenched gender norms and inequitable structures, gender transformative programs seek to make lasting contributions towards promoting gender equity. Capturing these achievements requires considering processes of change that are complex and often not tangible i.e. changes in levels of self-efficacy, confidence, larger social relations, inter-personal relationships, rules, norms, attitudes, beliefs, practices and so on. What does it take to fully capture a gender transformative program’s real and potential contribution to the wider change processes involved in achieving gender equality? How can this process be culturally relevant and collaborative?

At Glocal 2023, the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW), will be speaking to gender experts to explore the answers to some of these queries.


Priya Nanda | Gender, SRH, Measurement Learning and Evaluation expert
Priya is a feminist researcher, strategic thinker, gender and SRHR expert with deep expertise in evaluation, research and program implementation. She has deep interest in understanding, unpacking and solving complex health systems problems from a gender and power lens. Till recently, she was a Senior Program Officer with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation at the India Country office in the Measurement Learning and Evaluation team. Prior to joining the Foundation, Priya was the Director of the Social and Economic Development group for the International Center for Research on Women's (ICRW) Asia.
Sushmita Mukherjee | Director - Gender and Adolescent Girls at PCI Global
Sushmita provides an overall direction and guidance for gender mainstreaming in the execution of different projects at PCI Global. She also leads the ‘Umang Project’ as Project Director, Jharkhand that strives to empower mothers as key agents to stop Child Marriage of young adolescent girls and boys. She helps PCI India build its body of work in the gender and empowerment domain and has created a space for itself among its peers and donors. Before joining PCI, Sushmita worked at CARE India as Regional Program Director.
Rachel Marcus | Senior Research Fellow, ODI
Rachel is a social development researcher and practitioner who focuses on social equality, particularly related to gender, childhood, adolescence and youth. In recent years she has led research on gender and school environments, girls’ clubs, working with boys to promote gender-sensitive masculinities, and gender-sensitive youth livelihood programmes.
Falak Raza | Technical Specialist on Gender, Health, and Research Ethics, ICRW Asia
Falak works in close collaboration with the Research Compliance office and regional project teams at ICRW to ensure research compliance with international standards of conducting human- and non-human subject research. In her research capacity, Falak offers research and analysis support to different teams working in the areas of family planning, adolescent empowerment, violence, and women’s safety.


Rabsimar Kaur Ahluwalia Research & Program Associate, ICRW Asia
Rabsimar is a research and program associate at ICRW. Her current work is focused on Life Skills Education for adolescents, where she helped develop assessment tools for assessing teachers' and system's preparedness to implement life skills education in Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, and Mizoram, and is now actively contributing to the scale-up of these tools. She is also working on understanding the impact of social and gender norms on women's health and education in India. Her key skills include qualitative research, analysis and writing. Prior to joining ICRW, Rabsimar helped launch the Vedica Women’s Alliance, a project aimed at aggregating the voices of women leaders in the workplace, amplifying them, and advocating for change in the women and work ecosystem

Topics and themes

  • M&E Use and Advocacy

When and Where?

  • June 2, 2023 Duration: 1h 15m
  • India
    South Asia