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Designing Adaptive MEL Frameworks for Systems Change Programs

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About the Event
SIAP SIAGA is a five-year program funded by the Australian Government to strengthen Indonesia’s management of disaster risk. The program uses an adaptive management approach to facilitate systems change programming. This has added an additional level of complexity to the design of the program’s MEL framework, given that there were few examples from similar programs to draw on.

This session will discuss the emerging lessons from the process of designing and implementing the program’s adaptive, systems-focused MEL framework, and highlight four key principles that can be replicated and adapted by M&E practitioners working on public policy and community development.


Kangeng Notonegoro | SIAP SIAGA Real Time Evaluation Lead
Kangeng Pangeran Notonegoro is a disaster risk management and evaluation specialist. He has worked extensively for the United Nations in the Asia Pacific region, and has been leading SIAP SIAGA's external RTE processes to support the program's adaptive management and developmental evaluation approaches.


Denika Blacklock Head, Knowledge Performance and Learning, SIAP SIAGA
Denika Blacklock is a development analyst specialising in monitoring and evaluation, working with the SIAP SIAGA program providing advisory support on adaptive MEL framework design and developmental evaluation. She is the author of Learning in Development: Reflections from an Insider on the Outside (2018) and Making M&E Work in Development Programmes: A Practitioner’s Handbook (2019).

Topics and themes

  • M&E Approaches and Methods
  • Innovations in M&E

When and Where?

  • May 31, 2023 Duration: 1h 30m
  • Indonesia
    East Asia and the Pacific