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MERL and Design: Strengthening Participatory Approaches, Qualitative Data, and Prototyping Designs through Collaboration

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About the Event
MERL and Design teams use research, but their end goal and processes can evolve separately based on the nature of their work. Even among colleagues within an organization, the purpose and value addition of these teams can often get confused, overlap, or even compete for resources. What does an effective collaboration between a MERL and Design team look like? What are its benefits? We will take participants through the iDE Innovation Lab’s design process and discuss how to identify where MERL teams get involved, and how the strengths of each team can support the work of the other.


Nadia Campos | Director of the iDE Global Innovation Lab
Nadia Campos is the Director of the iDE Global Innovation Lab. At iDE Innovation Lab, we utilize Human Centered design and other participatory design methodologies to give rural entrepreneurs a voice in the products and services they produce, adopt or buy, resulting in higher adoption rates and profitable business models.
Jennifer Roglà | Global Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL)
Jennifer Roglà, Ph.D., is the Global Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning and leads iDE globally to ensure our rigorous measurement efforts are also inclusive, participatory, and ethical across our market systems work in sectors like agriculture, climate resilience, and WASH.
Fatima Shehata | Design Strategist
Fatima Shehata is an Egyptian-Kiwi Design Strategist at the iDE Global Innovation Lab’ with more than 8 years of experience across the sectors of Agriculture, Energy, WASH, GEDSI, SME development, Access to Finance, Entrepreneurship and Youth Engagement across Asia and the Pacific.


Henok Begashaw Senior Manager for MERL Systems
Henok Begashaw is the Senior Manager for MERL Systems at iDE Global, and supports a portfolio of countries on monitoring and evaluation planning and implementation with a focus on market systems development approaches. Additionally, he assists teams in building and maintaining their MIS.

Topics and themes

  • Evaluation Capacity Development
  • M&E Use and Advocacy
  • M&E Approaches and Methods
  • Innovations in M&E
  • Monitoring
  • The Future of M&E: Culture, Context, and Collaboration

When and Where?

  • May 31, 2023 Duration: 1h 00m
  • Zambia
    Sub-Saharan Africa