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Capturing Tacit Knowledge: Designing Effective After-Action Review Processes for Improved Development Outcomes

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About the Event
Join us for a seminar on designing an effective After-Action Review (AAR) process that captures the tacit knowledge of staff and project clients. We will explore the importance of participatory processes in capturing knowledge in the form of lessons learned and applying it to evaluations and future program designs.

Through interactive sessions, participants will learn how to design an AAR process that is inclusive, participatory, and effective in capturing the knowledge and experiences of all stakeholders.

Participants will design an AAR process for a hypothetical project in small groups during a virtual breakout session, applying seminar concepts and receiving peer feedback.

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This event starts at 9AM MST on May 31st. 
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Jake Meyers | Learning Manager
Jake Meyers is iDE’s Learning Manager iDE's MERL team, responsible for supporting project-level learning plans, processes, and products that make use of monitoring, evaluation, research, and other sources of data and information to continuously improve outcomes.
Abdullai Abdul-Shatar | MERL Coordinator
Abdullai Abdul- Shatar is from northern Ghana and serves as iDE’s MERL Coordinator. He has several years of experience in M&E planning, and is particularly passionate about using storytelling as a evaluation tool for AARs.

Topics and themes

  • M&E Use and Advocacy
  • M&E Approaches and Methods

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