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Case for Context: Building culturally sensitive economic evidence in labor-intensive settings

Organized by Lavanya Garg | Good Business Lab ,Good Business Lab

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About the Event
Economic research is infamous for being context agnostic & its impacts thought to be universal. Even the shift away from this tradition is mired by the binary of developed vs developing, with the widely diverse and varied developing countries lumped into one category. We will bring together researchers working on M&E projects in 2 developing countries- India & Colombia, and 2 different labor intensive industries to discuss how projects with similar aims can & should differ in their methodology to account for cultural context. Our session will aim to facilitate a conversation around collaboration and building distinctive M&E practices across geographies and cultures.


Smit Gade | Associate Director - Research
Smit Gade currently serves as Associate Director at Good Business Lab (GBL) where he handles a portfolio of research projects on female labor force participation, skilling, and worker productivity. He holds an M.Phil. in economics from the University of Oxford with a focus on applied econometrics and development economics. His research interests include Child Malnutrition, Economics of Corruption, and the Political Economy.
Andrea García | Research Manager
Andrea García is a Research Manager at Good Business Lab LatAm and is an economist with experience in management and design of experimental economic research interventions. Her research has an emphasis in social economics and data analysis, with knowledge in georeference languages. Her focus areas include Political Economy, Labor Economics, and Econometric Methods with a cross-cutting approach to gender.


Rashi Seth Senior Associate - Partnerships
Rashi Seth is a Senior Associate at Good Business Lab (GBL), managing GBL partnerships in India, US & Latin America. She has a background in International Relations & Business Administration, and has lived, worked, and studied in Colombia, Spain & India. Her focus areas include inclusive and accessible research, and decolonising economic aid & funding through South-South cooperation.

Topics and themes

  • M&E Approaches and Methods
  • The Future of M&E: Culture, Context, and Collaboration

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